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RHIL crypto currency Exchange

A Secure Global Centralized Integrated Trading Platform Utilizing Blockchain Technology

R/E Development

Real Estate, Property Management and Investments. Exhibiting a tremendous investment opportunity.


Specialists in Distressed Debt, Purchasing, Selling, Brokering, Marketing, Distribution, and Real Estate Development

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Regal Holdings International Ltd. is a real estate development, property management, and investment company.  It is a RAK Corp with offices in Dallas & London UK. Sister company Regal Holdings Int. owns and operates the RHIL Crypto Currency Exchange.

About Us




Regal Holdings Exchange is a privately held Crypto and Fiat currency Exchange that is under the RHIL umbrella of companies, Regal Exchange is a registered and licensed exchange through one of the premier financial hubs in the world.                   

The crypto market is currently on a meteoric assent and Regal Exchange Is poised to join the ranks of some of the top firms in the industry. With the Overall crypto market Cap at almost $300 Billion, success is imminent.